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David J Gomez for County Commissioner

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David J Gomez for Clark County Commissioner District D

Support David J Gomez

The Youngest Candidate for County Comissioner in Las Vegas History

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Take Part in Inspiring and Lasting Change


Putting My Experience to Work

As a lifelong resident of Clark County, I have seen the challenges and opportunities that our community faces. With experience working with my Father who is a Clark County School District Commissioner, I was able to see the behavior and function of Local Government and how to get the job done. Together, we can build a brighter future for everyone in Clark County.

Our campaign is focused on creating a more equitable and sustainable Clark County. Through policies that support our local economy, protect our environment, and invest in our communities, we can make a real difference in people's lives. While also helping the Communities that need us the most. Join us and be a part of something great.

David J Gomez is the best choice to represent our Community. 
Many established elected officials often stick only to the job which is to vote and make policies. David vows, if elected that he won't just be your representation in the Clark County Commission. He will go above and beyond the job description, lead events to raise awareness for various topics, support just causes and keep the Community Engaged. Community Engagement is important to our State, County and City. 
It is time to elect a Person that won't fight for an Agenda but for the People!


  • Improving Infrastructure

  • Reducing Homelessness

  • Supporting Parent's Rights

  • Supporting Seniors and Disabled Persons

  • Helping Law enforcement

  • Improving School Education

  • Supporting Community Centers

  • Improving Public Transport

  • Reducing Inflation

  • Figthing Gang Violence

  • Fighting Drugs

  • Reducing Unemployment

  • Saving Lake Mead

  • Safer and Cleaner Drinking Water

  • Protecting wildlife and Park Lands

  • Transparent Government

  • Supporting Local and Small Businessess

  • Supporting our Nation's Veterans

  • Supporting Communities for People of Color

  • Supporting First Responders

  • Reducing the Cost of Health Care

  • Improving NV Energy

  • Reducing Energy Costs

  • Supporting Government Workers

  • Supporting Local Communities

  • Supporting our Youth


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